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Our Head  is located in the Brittish Virgin Islands and we have offices in Europe, USA and Australia with agents all around the world. 

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a British overseas territory, located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico. 

BVI - Importance as IBC for International Shipping and Yacht Sales

BVI is an IBC or (International Business Centre). IBC's are commonly used for  high value international transactions such as the transacting, leasing and delivery of shipping and aircraft.  There is no VAT on yachts registered in the territory and European tax laws do not apply.

  Brittish Virgin Islands (BVI)
Contact Name:

Gurcan Kosar 

Contact Telephone: +020 3239 9255 
Head Office Address:

British Virgin Islands


VISR (Virgin Islands Shipping Registry)

The BVI has Category One Shipping Registry status. This means the VISR (Virgin Islands Shipping Registry) can register general cargo ships of unlimited tonnage and mega yachts of up to 3000GT. Ships registered in the BVI fly the Red Ensign Flag, making them entitled to the support of the British Consular and High Commission and Royal Naval protection. They also have the attraction of the low initial registration and annual maintenance fees.

If you need more information or contacts for doing business in BVI lease Contact info@boatsworldwide.info


USA Flag (415) 315 - San Francisco
Australia Flag (617) 3102 4953 Australia - Brisbane
GB Flag (020) 3239 9255 United Kingdom - London
Turkey Flag (532) 482 0223 Turkey - Bodrum

Please also feel free to contact me directly on my personal email or as per the details below


Gurcan Kosar







For Sale
Ocean Front Property
Port Vila, Vanuatu


You can moor you boat right outside your back door on this deep water ocean front property. We only have 3 Adjacent Blocks left and they all have water and Electricity Connected. Each block is over 5000 sqm.

Now is your chance to own property on a tranquil Pacific Tropical Island, and invest in the future. Vanuatu is only a 2.5 hour flight from Brisbane, 3 hours from Sydney or 3.5 hours from Melbourne or New Zealand. Vanuatu is also a major tourist destination for Australia, New Zealand and the world at large.

As a pacific Island you might event want to run yacht charters, Well Vanuatu is a Tax Free Haven =  NO INCOME TAX.

Air Vanuatu and Virgin Pacific Blue have regular direct flights into Port Vila.

Email: John Corrick